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Тesting and Mechanical Assembly 

Elevate your electronic modules with our comprehensive Testing and Packaging services. Our commitment extends beyond assembly – we ensure your modules undergo rigorous testing and are packaged with precision for ultimate performance.

What Sets Us Apart?

Thorough Testing: We go beyond the surface. Our in-depth testing procedures guarantee the functionality, reliability, and longevity of your electronic modules.

Customized Solutions: No two projects are alike. Tailored to your specifications, our services adapt to the unique requirements of your electronic modules.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizing the latest advancements, our testing processes are at the forefront of technology, ensuring the highest standards in performance.

Mechanical Assembly and Packaging: We specialize in comprehensive assembly services, encompassing mechanical assembly, enclosure assembly (including both plastic and metal casings), sourced off-the-shelf or custom-made to client specifications.

Efficiency & Precision: Time matters. Our streamlined processes ensure timely testing and packaging without compromising the precision your modules demand.

Experience excellence from testing to delivery with us. Your electronic modules deserve the best – let's make it happen.

Photos from our assembly plant
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