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Quality policy

The quality policy of “IKT Electronics” Ltd is aimed at improving the economic situation of the enterprise by
providing competitive services to the domestic and foreign customers. We are committed to meeting the
requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and standards for the development and production
of electronics products.

Our mission: cooperation with us enables domestic and foreign electronics manufacturers to focus on their
main tasks – creating new ideas and promoting their products on the market. Our specialists are ready to get
involved in the process of creating a customer's electronic product at any stage – from prototype design and
development to mass production. We help our clients to find the best technical solutions, as well as optimize
the cost of the product by flexible supply chain of components.

The quality policy is a part of the general policy of the enterprise, the main goals of which are the company's
profit and the fullest possible satisfaction of the customers' requirements.

Download the Quality Policy PDF

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