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About Us

IKT is a global company dedicated to helping our customers with the manufacturing (EMS) of various electronic devices. We have extensive experience in PCB manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

Our manufacturing facilities and engineering teams are located in Israel, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Ukraine. Also we have several teams of R&D engineers who are ready to support your ideas and tasks, from initial design to mass production.

Our EMS services are offered worldwide, and we are pleased to have customers in countries such as Israel, Germany, Austria, Poland, and many other EU countries.


Inspection of assembled production for Israeli customers: the orders were placed from Electreon and Starcom

We maintain regular communication with our customers and are pleased to invite you to our production lines to inspect our equipment, manufacturing processes, company environment, and quality. You are also welcome to check the final production before we ship it to your end customers.

Need to manufacture and / or assembly PCB?
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