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R&D of electronics

Our experienced engineering teams are ready to create the electronic design, mechanical implementation, and embedded software based on your ideas.


PCB manufacturing

We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing printed circuit boards, ranging from multilayer HDI and hybrid PCBs to rigid-flexible, metal-based, and complex RF boards.


PCB layout

A team of PCB designers will create the printed circuit board layout quickly and in accordance with all schematic requirements, SI/PI, and DFM rules.


PCB assembly

We offer both prototype and mass production services, including SMT and PTH assembly, coating, X-ray inspection for BGA and QFN soldering, and AOI inspection for assembly and soldering quality.


Simulation & SI/PI Analysis

To ensure proper functioning and reliability of your device in all possible environmental conditions, we provide signal integrity and power integrity analysis services, as well as thermal simulation.


Testing, packaging, delivery

To provide a full line of services to our customers, we offer in-house testing of devices, mechanical assembly, packaging using plastic or metal casings, carton packaging, and delivery to the customer or end user.

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