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We have over 20 years of experience in ordering printed circuit boards at strictly verified PCB factories, ranging from multilayer HDI and hybrid PCBs to rigid-flexible, metal-based, and complex RF boards.

Elevate your manufacturing process with our streamlined component procurement services. We ensure quality components, cost efficiency, and on-time delivery. 

We offer both prototype and mass production services, including SMT and PTH assembly, coating, X-ray inspection for BGA and QFN soldering, and AOI inspection for assembly and soldering quality.

To provide a full line of services to our customers, we offer in-house testing of devices, mechanical assembly, and packaging using plastic or metal casings.

We're not just about cutting-edge electronic modules; we safeguard your brilliance with top-tier packaging. Think electrostatic discharge protection and fortress-like transportation damage defense.

We provide the after sales services, including repair, rework, purchase and manufacturing of spare parts.

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